A variety of region-wide community development activities occurred, as outlined below. For more information on community development activities and materials for municipalities, please click here. This work culminated in the UEY Niagara Region Action Plan.

Community forums and planning meetings,

  • Participation on related sub-committees and working groups,
  • Custom presentations, briefs and planning support,
  • Partnering on research, events and communications,
  • Delivering and/or sponsoring workshops and conference sessions, and
  • Gathering community feedback and use of information.

The following represent a sample of region-wide community development activities:

The following are materials developed with the intention of building the community's capacity to understand and use local knowledge:

  • Community Resource Booklets were developed for each municipality in the Region that both map and list programs and services for children 0-6 and their parents/caregivers in the following six categories: arts, entertainment, and multicultural; education; sports and recreation; social, special interest (faith-based); and, health and wellness,
  • Research Communiqués #1, #2, and #3 - each of which were distributed to over 1,500 early learning and care service providers in the region,
  • New Parent Brochure which is being distributed at Ontario Early Years Centres, by Speech Services Niagara staff and through the Regional Municipality of Niagara Public Health Department's Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program, and
  • Based on needs identified by the local early learning and care community , and which were also supported by the local knowledge that was gathered, UEY has provided a variety of Community Resources that are now available for borrowing through the ECCDC Library. For a complete list (as of July 14th, 2007) please click here.

The following community capacity building materials, which have also been widely distributed, were developed in partnership with Early Years Niagara:

For more information, please: