Communiqués, reports and/or custom information briefs have been provided Wainfleet early years service providers, school board officials, Mayor, Council and MPP.

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Through the Neighbourhood Creation Project (Ontario Early Years Niagara Region, Niagara Region Public Health Department - 2006), the members of the Wainfleet community decided that they were one neighbourhood. The map was created by UEY (2007), in partnership with the Data Analysis Coordinator at the Regional Municipality of Niagara and the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University. Base features for the map were created by the PREP Unit, Public Health.

"The Township is found on the northern shore of Lake Erie. There are three shopping areas in the Township of Wainfleet. They are located at Chamber's Corner, the Village of Wainfleet, and the Long Beach area. ... The Township of Wainfleet is approximately 217.40 square kilometres in size. It is best known for its agricultural productivity and Lake shore area. The area is utilized for dairy, beef cattle, and cash crops."
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